To think the eagle WISEHAWK!

I'm with you, with your resume

Sales, copywriter and planer

Have experience that is great

Let's take a

To start the great dream

I'm with you, with your resume

Color or black and white

I'm with you, with your resume

Pro, be sure to bring your resume!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor unemployed destroy life, into three generations

Thief cool wisdom eagle office, air conditioning

And a colleague, a complete coverage of wifi

The royal elder sister goddess, the younger sister paper is very cute

Superior friendly, subordinates are sprouting cry

Men and women 55 open, perspective of psychology

Hong Kong eagle

A "spell" brand for the dream

We are not a leader in the industry

But one day,

I believe that will be

Because of you I he full of wisdom

Both will join eagle this big family

Looking forward to the arrival of the people with lofty ideals